Tim Funk - Elder
     Tim became pulpit minister in June 2000.  In September 2005, Tim was ordained 4th resident Elder of our church. 

Mike Rieker
     Mike became pulpit minister in February 1988 of our church.

 Dave Obergfel
     Dave became pulpit minister in April 1997 of our church.

 Tim Roecker
     Tim became pulpit minister in June 2000 of our church.

 Craig Stickling
     Craig became pulpit minister in May 2008 of our church.

Gregg Rumbold
     Gregg became pulpit minister in November 2014 of our church.

Mike Kaisner
     Mike became pulpit minister in December 2017 of our church.

David Sceggel
     David became pulpit minister in August 2020 of our church.

Retired Ministers

 Charles Hemmer, Retired Elder
     Charles became pulpit minsiter in April 1969 of our church.  In September 1970, Charles became Ordained Deacon of our church.  Charles became the 3rd resident Elder of our church in March 1987.  He retired as Elder in September 2005.

 James F. Hoerr, Retired
     James became pulpit minister in January 1957 of our church.  James retired in June 1997.

 Ken Hoerr - Retired
     Ken became pulpit minister in January 1975.  In July 1989, Ken became a Deacon of our church.  Ken became Ordained Deacon of our church in March 1998. Retired in 2017

 Willis Ehnle - Retired
     Willis became pulput minister in Shioda, Japan, in August 1955.  Willis became Ordained Deacon in August 1958 and Elder in July 1977 in Shioda, Japan.  In December 2008, Willis relocated to Peoria, IL, and since then has been ministring in our church.  Retired in 2018.